Pastor Jeffery Braxton Sr.

Our History

From the data compiled regarding the historical roots of First Missionary Baptist Church, Sheffield, Alabama, the year 1886 has been determined to mark it's beginning as a united group of Christian Believers.

First Missionary Baptist Church

1103 Sterling Blvd.  Sheffield, AL 35660

The church originally named "First Baptist Church" located in the 1200 block of 20th Street, consisted of two wooden buildings and a tent. These structures served worshippers until 1913. From 1886 - 1913, four ministers served as pastors: Reverend Wilson Northcross, Reverend Gabriel Johnson, Reverend Aaron Troop and Reverend William Carter. While building a sanctuary, the old structures were destroyed by fire in 1913 and services were held in the Masonic Hall under the newly Reverend W.C. Crowley.

In 1915, the City of Sheffield donated two lots located in the 1200 block of 20th Street for the purpose of erecting a place of worship. The church building was completed under the leadership of Reverend William Mastin, Reverend Peter Parker, Reverend Jim Hampton and Reverend H. Jeffery also served as pastors. in 1930, Reverend J.C. Yarbrough accepted the call of pastor and served for thirty-one years. An annex was built and a baptismal pool was added. In November 1966, Reverend Roy I. Greer was elected pastor. In 1967, ground was broken for a new structure. On October 22, 1967, members marched from the old to the newly completed structure, which was constructed at a cost of $125,000. A parsonage was built on East 18th Street.

In January 1973, Reverend Henry McCall accepted the pastoral and began serving on the first Sunday in March 1973. In February 1977, Reverend Rufus Slack, Jr. was called as the next pastor.

​In June 1985, Reverend James Reeves accepted the position as pastor, accomplishing many goals and achievements. In November 1987, the church mortgage was eliminated. This was truly a historical event in the history of First Missionary Baptist Church.

In 1988, Nineteenth Street parking on the west side of the church was paved and a portion of the surrounding area was landscaped.  Eleventh Avenue and Eighteenth Street parking lots were also resurfaced.

 On January 15, 1989, Reverend James C. Carter accepted the call as pastor and was installed in July of 1989.  Reverend Bowsey Thompson served as interim pastor from January 2002 until the Lord called him home on April 12th, 2002.  Reverend Malone served as interim until June 15, 2003.  Dr. Rufus Slack Jr., was re-elected as pastor on May 14, 2004. 

The groundbreaking ceremony for a new addition to our church was held on February 15, 2009.  On December 31, 2009 the new addition was completed.  The new addition was dedicated on January 10th, 2010 which also included classrooms, a library and fellowship hall.  The bell tower was designed to replicate the former church tower on Twentieth Street.  The bell from the old tower was refurbished, equipped with an electronic ringer and placed in the new tower.

In 2010, Dr. James C. Carter served as interim pastor for fourteen months.  In February 2012, the church paid off the fifteen year mortgage eliminating it in twenty-two months.

On April 22, 2012, Reverend Jeffery Braxton Sr. accepted call as pastor and was installed on June 24, 2012. His preaching of the Word of God and his leadership has blessed our congregation tremendously.

Under the leadership of Pastor Braxton the church has grown spiritually and numerically.  There have been several ministries added to the church:  Seniors That Soar, Men's Fellowship, Leadership Conference, Deacon's Training, Health Fair, Back to School Supply Giveaway, monthly meals delivered to Seniors in the community, and an Archive Room (preserving the history of the church).

As we reminisce, we can truly say that God has been good to us!  He has brought us from a might long way.  We thank you God for all you've done for us!  You truly are an Awesome God!